Scar Tissue and Serrapeptase

by Admin on October 14, 2011

Serrapeptase and Scar Tissue

Scar tissue can make someone feel unattractive and self-conscious. It can also cause pain and can create serious health issues. This is why people use Serrapeptase to reduce the overall appearance of scars. Doctors are now prescribing the supplement after surgery or an injury because it’s more affective than harmful NSAIDS.

Dealing With Scar Tissue

After surgery or an injury, individuals often experience scar tissue. It doesn’t always appear right away; sometimes it develops over time. It is unattractive, and at the same time it is painful. If an area doesn’t heal properly, it can be sensitive to a person’s touch. The surgeries where scar tissue can develop are:

• Appendix removal
• C-section deliveries
• Gall bladder surgery
• Abdominal surgery

If scar tissue grows inside the body or doesn’t heal properly, it can be detrimental to a person’s health.

Serrapeptase Scar Tissue Supplements Aid With the Removal of the Tissue

There have been a number of medical reports that show how Serrapeptase dissolve the scar tissue with the systemic enzyme. This means tenderness and pain are relieved. Some of the supplements can even reduce the scar tissues’ appearance.

“Recently used it to alleviate tendinitis. Before that it worked on a Morton’s neuroma. Definitely cut the healing time down, if I would have healed at all at the rate it was taking. Now I still take it just for maintenance. I find it especially usefully for reducing muscle soreness and speeding recovery while on high mileage running programs.” – P. Robichaux,

Helps With Fibrin Build-Up

The reason scar tissue grows in the body is because of the enzyme fibrin. It is naturally found in the body and is vital to a person’s health and overall well-being, as it aids tissue repair and blood clotting. On the other hand, it is also responsible for the development of scarring. When too much fibrin appears in an area, unnatural scarring like adhesions and keloids develop. Fibrin can also cause scarring in organs and blood vessels, which leads to heart and liver problems. This is where Serrapeptase supplements are necessary to relieve this build-up of fibrin. As the Serrapeptase breaks down the unneeded fibrin in the scar tissue, the body starts to heal naturally.

 “After weeks of an inability to breathe properly due to chronic COPD, and finding all four of my breathing medications ineffective, I discovered Serrapeptase. It sounds weird, but after only 2 doses the condition which I THOUGHT WOULD END WITH ME IN AN EMERGENCY ROOM FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE WAS COMPLETELY ERASED. IT WAS AS IF I HAD NEVER HAD THE PROBLEM.” – Elskabar,

Reduces Fibrin in the Body

Serrapeptase supplements use natural enzymes to fight the overproduction of fibrin in the body. This means it regulates how much fibrin is produced, so only the proper levels are found in the body. When fibrin is balanced, it is actually an aid to the body, so healthy inflammatory levels and healthy blood circulation occurs. This means scar tissue from a surgery or injury is reduced, toxins in the blood stream are reduced, and cysts are broken down.
This shows the importance of Serrapeptase scar tissue supplements, especially since it keeps the body in balance. It eliminates pain and reduces inflammation, especially when a daily dose is taken. It’s easy to see why more physicians are prescribing the supplement these days.