Do you have pain of any kind?  Chronic Inflamation?

Want to prevent  cardiovasular disease?

Stay younger longer? Serrapeptase can help you!


Hi my name is Debramarie and I created this site so that more people could learn about the wonderful benefits of Serrapeptase.  I  first found out about it when looking for solutions for my young daughter who had developed MS (Multipule Sclerosis).  I then realised it could help my friends Fibromyalgia, another friends chronic pain and the list went on.  The more I saw improvements in my family and friends the more I came to love this product and hence why I want to share it with you.   Serrapeptase helps clear away dead tissue in the body which believe it or not is the cause of a lot of health issues.  Just look at the list to the right to see the type of health challenges serrapeptase can help.  Its incredible and it works.

HOW Serrapeptase Can Help YOU!


Serrapeptase, can give relief to patients of any type of pain as it attacks the dead and damaged tissue in the body and so clears away the source of the pain.

Chronic Inflamation

Serrapeptase, fights inflammation (including chronic inflammation, such as arthritis, migraines, cystitis, and fibromyalgia) once again by destroying the dead and damaged tissue that causes it.
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Lungs and Chest

Serrapeptase can be used to treat Asbestosis and dust disease, bronchial asthma, bronchiectasis, bronchitis, coughs, cystic fibrosis, emphysema and pulmonary tuberculosis as it clears out all inflammation, mucus and dead or scarred tissue.


Serrapeptase can help you stay younger by preventing the build up of fibrous tissue and thickening of the blood. As it works on inflammation it also will help prevent chronic inflammation from taking hold. These are big steps in fighting against anti-aging.

Ears, Nose, Throat

Got a problem with sinusitis? Chronic ear infections? Hay Fever? Then once again Serrapeptase can come to the rescue as it will clear the body of mucus and inflammation and allows the body’s own immune system to heal itself.

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a neurological disorder as the disease affects various parts of the central nervous system by way of destroying the myelin sheaths that cover the nerves. The destruction of the myelin sheaths leaves a form of scar tissues. Serrapeptase helps remove the scar tissue.

Side Effects?

Over the 30 years that Serrapeptase has been used there has been no known side effects or negative effects with drug interactions.


By helping to prevent and remove dead tissue and unhealthy inflammation, it allows the body’s naturally healthy processes to function.  It also helps promote

brain, joint and lung health.


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